~ 38. Monkey Wears Anansi's New Suit ~

Monkey used to be elegant and refined. 
Elegant speech. Refined manners.
All the animals respected Monkey for his sophistication.
That made Anansi jealous, so Anansi got a fancy suit and filled it with ants.
"Hey, Monkey!" Anansi shouted. "You know all about sophisticated fashion. Will this suit look good on me?"
"What a fine suit!" said Monkey. "I'll be glad to model it for you, Anansi."
Monkey put on the suit, and he immediately started twitching and scratching, jumping up and down, rolling on the ground.
Ants were biting Monkey all over!
And Monkey has been acting foolish ever since.

Inspired by: Under the Storyteller's Spell: Folk-Tales from the Caribbean, edited by Faustin Charles
Notes: This is from Charles's story "Anancy and Monkey Business."

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