~ 31. Anansi and the Queen-Bee ~

"All the stories will be yours if you bring me bees in a gourd," Tiger told Anansi.
Anansi took a gourd and went into the woods, muttering.
Queen-Bee asked, "What's wrong, Anansi?"
"I made a bet with Tiger about how many bees this gourd can hold," said Anansi. "But I don't know the answer."
"I don't know either!" said Queen-Bee. "Let's find out. You can count us!"
Then the bees followed their queen, buzz-buzz-buzzing into Anansi's gourd.
When the gourd was full, Anansi plugged the hole and took the gourd to Tiger.
"Now all the stories are mine!" Anansi shouted.

Inspired byWest Indian Folk-Tales by Philip Sherlock.
Notes: This story appears on p. 48 of the book: A Gourd Full of Bees. Anansi is catching the bees to bring to Tiger so that all the stories can be called Anansi-stories.

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