~ 89. Anansi and the Well ~

There was a drought.
The animals dug a well, but Anansi was lazy. He didn't help.
"No water for you!" the animals said to Anansi when the well was done.
To guard the well, they made a tar-baby.
Anansi came to drink at the well.
"Hello there, gal!" he said when he saw the tar-baby. The tar-baby said nothing.
"Give me a kiss!" Anansi said. The tar-baby said nothing.
Anansi slapped the tar-baby. His hand stuck. 
Again. Other hand stuck.
Anansi butted the tar-baby with his head. Stuck!
Both feet: stuck!
And then the animals came and caught Anansi there.

Inspired byFolklore from Antigua, British West Indies by John H. Johnson
Notes: This is story 7 in the collection; the storyteller is George Edwards of Greenbay, Antigua.

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