~ 177. Anansi, Fire, and the Damp Clothes ~

Fire was angry at Anansi, but he pretended to be Anansi's friend. 
"I'd like to visit you," he told Anansi.
"You can help dry my clothes," said Anansi. "Look for clothes hanging outside; that will be my house."
Then Anansi went to Tiger, who was washing clothes. 
"Put your clothes out in the sun to dry!" said Anansi, so Tiger hung his damp clothes on the line.
Then Fire came, with Breeze blowing. 
"That's Anansi's house!" said Fire when he saw the clothes. "Blow me there, Breeze!"
So Breeze blew, and Fire burned Tiger's clothes to ashes.
Anansi just laughed.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 42 in the book, which includes the story of how Anansi tricked Fire and made him angry.

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