~ 90. Anansi and Ram Go Thieving ~

Anansi and Ram were stealing, and the watchman chased them. 
They jumped in a hole, but Ram's horns stuck out.
The watchman tripped on the horns. Ram was going to scream but Anansi hissed, "Shush!"
The watchman kicked the horns. "That hurts," Ram said. "Quiet!" said Anansi.
Then the watchman sawed off the horns. "I can't stand it!" Ram screamed.
The watchman grabbed Ram and took him to court.
"Anansi was thieving too!" said Ram.
"I was not!" shouted Anansi.
Ram and Anansi fought, and Ram butted Anansi up on the roof.
Spiders stay up on the roof even now.

Inspired byFolklore from Antigua, British West Indies by John H. Johnson
Notes: This is story 11 in the collection; the storyteller is George Edwards of Greenbay, Antigua.

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