~ 74. Anansi and the Cats' Wedding ~

Anansi arrived early for the wedding feast of Mister Cat and Miss Cat.
"I'll take care of the food," Anansi said. "Leave it to me!"
But when the bride and groom returned from the wedding, they found the wedding cake was gone, and the wine was all gone too.
"You did this, Dog!" shouted the Cats. 
Dog denied it.
Fly went looking for Anansi and found him walking home, his face covered with cake crumbs.
"You're the thief!" shouted Fly.
Anansi swallowed Fly to silence him.
Since then Cat and Dog aren't friends anymore; Fly and Spider are enemies too.

Inspired by: Kathleen Clarke's's story "Compere Cat's Wedding Feast" as reported in The Caribbean Story Finder by Sharon Barcan Elswit.
Notes: This story is 323 in Elswit's index, from Velma Pollard's book, Anansesem. The story also appears in Steele and St. John's Tim Tim Tales from Grenada, which is the book I consulted.

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