~ 42. Anansi and the Tree Branches ~

Tiger and Monkey were chasing Anansi.
"Help me, Banana-Tree!" shouted Anansi.
"Take this fiber!" said Banana-Tree.
Anansi climbed the tree and made a fiber bridge between two branches. Anansi balanced on the fiber, but Monkey and Tiger were too heavy; they had to stay on the branches.
Everybody got hungry.
Tiger stood guard while Monkey went to eat, and then Monkey did the same for Tiger.
Anansi was starving! 
Then Anansi saw a fly, so he used the fiber strings to weave a web and catch that fly.
Tiger and Monkey finally gave up.
And that's how Anansi started weaving!

Inspired byAnansi the Spider Man by Philip Sherlock
Notes: This story is on p. 105 of the book: The Quarrel.

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