~ 143. Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom ~

Anansi gathered all the wisdom and put it in a pot. 
"All for me!" he said.
Next, Anansi wanted to hide the pot in a tree. He hung the pot around his neck and went to the tallest tree, but the pot was in the way. He couldn't reach his arms around the tree to climb it.
A boy saw Anansi and laughed. "Sling the pot around your back, fool!" he said.
This made Anansi mad, and he realized he didn't have all the wisdom after all.
Anansi threw down the pot. It broke, and the wisdom inside spread everywhere.

Inspired byCaribbean Stories by Robert Hull
Notes: This story appears on p. 16 of the book: Anancy Gets Common Sense. Sometimes the story is told with Anansi's son, but in this version it was just a village boy.

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