~ 106. Anansi and Screech-Owl ~

Anansi organized a dance and asked Screech-Owl and his band to play.
Screech-Owl can only go out at night, so he brought Rooster to warn him when dawn came.
But Anansi had a plan: he wanted to catch Screech-Owl at dawn and eat him for breakfast. So Anansi soaked corn in rum and fed that corn to Rooster. 
Rooster got drunk and passed out.
Dawn was coming; Rooster didn't sing out.
Dawn came; Rooster didn't sing out.
Anansi grabbed Screech-Owl, strangled him, and ate him.
Then Anansi took over Screech-Owl's band.
That's how Anansi got to be the best music-man.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 19 in the book. There's a more elaborate scheme in Jekyll's story where Anansi goes about killing Owl in the morning by provoking a quarrel over drinking tea and then killing him with a song.

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