~ 55. Anansi and the Chicken Soup ~

"I'm so sick," Anansi said to his wife. "Consult the doctor!"
When she left, Anansi ran to the doctor's office and put on the doctor's clothes.
"Anansi's sick!" she said.
"He needs chicken soup!" Anansi replied.
Anansi then ran home before his wife got there. Lying in bed, he sang, "Chicken soup for me, for me, chicken soup for me-oh..."
Mrs. Anansi heard him.
She started cooking. "Ready soon!" she said.
Anansi smelled soup.
She called the village children. "Eat quietly!" she whispered.
They ate the soup.
"Ready now!" she said to Anansi.
Anansi came, but the soup was gone!

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 54 of the book: Mrs. Anancy, Chicken Soup and Anancy. In Berry's version, Dog is Anansi's accomplice, and Mrs. Anansi actually sees them plotting the deception before she goes into the doctor's office.

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