~ 145. Anansi and the Man's Horses ~

Anansi was working in a man's stable.
The man came to inspect his horses. "Where's my chestnut horse?"
"He's grazing in the pasture," said Anansi, but Anansi had already eaten that horse.
The man came another day. "Where's my black horse?"
"He's grazing," said Anansi.
Another day: "Where's my sorrel horse?"
"He's grazing."
Finally the man realized Anansi had eaten his horses.
"I'll kill you!" the man said.
"Kill me!" shouted Anansi. "I don't care. Just don't throw me in that spiderweb."
The angry man threw Anansi in the web, and Anansi just laughed. "I spun this web!" Anansi said.

Inspired byFolklore from Antigua, British West Indies by John H. Johnson
Notes: This is story 10 in the collection; the storyteller is George Edwards of Greenbay, Antigua.

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