~ 164. Anansi and Tiger's Hoe ~

Long ago, farmers dug their fields with pointed sticks.
Nobody had a hoe, except for Tiger.
Tiger had a magical hoe, and it did the digging for him.
Anansi spied on Tiger and saw the hoe. He learned the magic words Tiger used to make the hoe start digging. Then he stole Tiger's hoe to use for himself.
The hoe dug and dug, and Anansi was happy.
But Anansi did not know how to stop the magic hoe. 
It kept on digging!
The hoe dug all the land and then disappeared into the sea, and it is digging there still.

Inspired byThe Magic Pot: Nansi Stories from the Caribbean by Odeen Ishmael
Notes: This is story 19. The Magic Hoe.

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