~ 126. Turtle Invites Anansi to Dinner ~

Turtle wanted revenge on Anansi, so he invited him for dinner.
When Anansi came to the pond, Turtle told him, "Dive down! Dinner's in my house at the bottom of the pond."
Turtle dived in, and Anansi dived in. But Anansi was so light he couldn't swim down like Turtle could. Anansi pushed as hard as he could, but he bobbed to the surface.
Then Anansi put rocks in his pockets.
That helped, but not enough.
So he gathered more rocks.
And more rocks.
And when he got to Turtle's house, dinner was over: Turtle had eaten all the food!

Inspired byAnansi Folktales in the Diaspora by Victorine Grannum-Solomon
Notes: This story appears on p. 15 of the book: Turtle and Anansi. In some versions of this story, Anansi is putting the stones in his pockets, and Turtle tells him he must take off his coat at the table to be polite, which is why Anansi floats up.

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