~ 43. The Tiger Family, Lion, and Anansi ~

Tiger stole cattle at night.
One night, by accident, he grabbed Lion, thinking it was a cow.
"That's not a cow!" screamed Mrs. Tiger. "That's Lion!"
Anansi sat on the roof watching.
"Come up here!" Anansi shouted to the Tiger family.
But they were too heavy; one by one they slid off the roof and Lion ate them.
"You next, Anansi!" shouted Lion.
"I'm so big my fall will crack the earth! Pull up that pot for me to land in."
The pot held Mrs. Tiger's pepper sauce!
Anansi splashed down.
The pepper sauce blinded Lion, and Anansi got away.

Inspired byFolklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: You can see Parsons' story and notes here. Parsons heard the story from Rafael Weeks.


  1. The Lion really wasn't very bright!

    1. We can't all be geniuses like Anansi mate

    2. No but most of us aren't complete idiots like Lion!