~ 83. Anansi, Rabbit, and Horse-Fly ~

Anansi visited Godfather Rabbit and Godmother Rabbit.
When Godmother Rabbit went to fetch water, Anansi hit Godfather Rabbit on the head and killed him.
Godmother Rabbit came back and found her husband dead. 
"You must bury him, Anansi!" she said.
"I will," said Anansi. "Just give me some lard and a frying pan. Horse-Fly will help me."
Anansi and Horse-Fly took Rabbit into the woods where they cooked him and ate him.
"I'll tell Mrs. Rabbit he was delicious!" said Horse-Fly.
"No, you won't!" shouted Anansi.
Then Anansi cut out Horse-Fly's tongue, which is why Horse-Fly only says bzzz-bzzz-bzzz now.

Inspired byAnnancy Stories by Pamela Colman Smith
Notes: You can read the story online: Annancy and Gingy Fly. The Bantu word for "fly" is ginggi. Here are Smith's illustrations:

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