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Welcome to Tiny Tales Teaching Guide. This is an anthology of two hundred stories from the Tiny Tales books, and each story also has a storytelling idea prompt.

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Attribution: Tiny Tales Teaching Guide by Laura Gibbs.
Version: July 26 2020.

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See below for links to the individual stories with specific bibliography and also audio.

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Ideas for Teaching with 100-Word Stories


For twenty years, I've taught mythology and folklore courses at the University of Oklahoma. My students read traditional myths and legends, and then they write their own stories inspired by the reading. When people retell old stories in new ways, you never know what will happen; no two stories ever turn out the same. There are an infinite number of possibilities, and the more stories you write, the more ideas you'll come up with.

In this book, I've collected some stories and storytelling ideas drawn from these collections:
Tiny Tales from Aesop
Tiny Tales from India
Tiny Tales of Nasruddin

These "Tiny Tales" books are available free online (epub, PDF, etc.), and they are Creative-Commons-licensed so you can create your own textbook;
more about that below. You will find all three books in all the different formats here:

For each story included in this Guide, I've suggested a storytelling idea based on changes to the plot or characters, or a change in style. These are just suggestions. There are always other possibilities... endless possibilities: there's no limit to creativity.

Because the stories are very short, there's lots of room to expand. Each "tiny tale" is just 100 words long, so you might expand the story to 200 words, or 500, or 999. Perhaps 567 or maybe 234. The specific number isn't important; the goal is just to have a length in mind so you can find your focus and know when to say the story is done.


I've published this Guide and all the Tiny Tales books with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. That means you and your students can freely reuse the stories. To learn more about Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, visit:

Here are just a few ideas about how you can reuse (repurpose, remix, etc.) these stories for your own projects:

* Create your own class textbook. You can use the plain-text version of this Guide and/or the Tiny Tales books to create a textbook for your class. Just copy-and-paste the stories you want to use and then interweave your own notes and commentary, adjusting each story as needed to align with your students' skills and interests.

* Help your students create their own story anthologies. Each student can create their own personal story collection, rewriting their favorite stories in their own way, along with "author's notes" about the original story and how they've changed that story to make it their own.

* Illustrate the stories. You and your students can create your own art or use  Creative-Commons-licensed illustrations to produce illustrated versions of your stories. You can also make memes to accompany the stories, or turn them into cartoons.

* Perform the stories. You can adapt the stories into dramatic scripts for podcasts, puppet shows, etc., with students playing the roles of the different characters, adding the sound effects, music, and so on.

Finally, the most important advice of all: as you reuse, repurpose, and remix the stories... let your imagination run wild, and have fun!


These are links to the story posts at this blog where you will find notes and bibliography. For the storytelling ideas, use the Teaching Guide in the format of your choice: textPDF, etc. (See links above.)

1. Aesop 1. The Lion's Share
2. Aesop 2. The Angry Lion
3. Aesop 4. The Lion and the Bulls
4. Aesop 5. The Lion and the Mouse
5. Aesop 6. The Lion's Army
6. Aesop 7. The Lion Cub and Man
7. Aesop 8. The Lion in Love
8. Aesop 9. The Lion and the Man Debating
9. Aesop 11. The Old Lion and the Horse
10. Aesop 16. The Wild Donkey
11. Aesop 19. The Horse and the Donkey's Load
12. Aesop 21. The Donkey in Winter
13. Aesop 22. The Two Donkeys
14. Aesop 25. The Fox and the Dragon
15. Aesop 28. The Fox Meets the Lion
16. Aesop 30. The Fox Visits the Lion
17. Aesop 34. The Fox with a Short Tail
18. Aesop 36. The Fox and the Grapes
19. Aesop 38. The Fox and the Boar
20. Aesop 39. The Fox and the Rooster
21. Aesop 41. The Fox and the Stork
22. Aesop 48. The Wolf Becomes a Monk
23. Aesop 49. The Wolf and the Porcupine
24. Aesop 50. The Wolf and the Crane
25. Aesop 54. The Wolf and the Lamb at the Stream
26. Aesop 55. The Wolf and the Lamb in the Temple
27. Aesop 56. The Friendly Wolf
28. Aesop 59. The Lamb and the Nanny-Goat
29. Aesop 60. The Dogs and the River
30. Aesop 64. The War of the Rabbits and the Eagles
31. Aesop 66. The Rabbit and the Weasel
32. Aesop 67. The Rabbit's Resolution
33. Aesop 68. The Funeral of the Lion-Queen
34. Aesop 71. The Deer and his Reflection
35. Aesop 72. The Deer and the Vine
36. Aesop 73. The Deer and her Friends
37. Aesop 76. The King's Dancing Monkeys
38. Aesop 80. The Cat and the Chickens
39. Aesop 81. The Cat and her Neighbors
40. Aesop 82. The Cat and the Stork
41. Aesop 84. Cat and Fox, Philosophers
42. Aesop 92. Country Mouse and City Mouse
43. Aesop 96. The Mouse Observes the World
44. Aesop 106. The Fox who Played Dead
45. Aesop 114. The Swallow and the Nightingale
46. Aesop 115. The Nightingale's Advice
47. Aesop 116. The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm
48. Aesop 123. The Frogs and the Sun
49. Aesop 124. The Mouse and the Frog
50. Aesop 126. The Boys and the Frogs
51. Aesop 127. The Porcupine and the Snake
52. Aesop 128. The Dragon and the Eagle
53. Aesop 129. Zeus and the Wedding Gifts
54. Aesop 130. Zeus and the Dogs
55. Aesop 132. Zeus and the Camel
56. Aesop 133. Zeus and the Rabbit
57. Aesop 134. Aphrodite and the Cat
58. Aesop 138. Zeus and the Jar of Good Things
59. Aesop 139. Athena and the Shipwreck
60. Aesop 140. Hercules and the Farmer
61. Aesop 142. Fortuna and the Farmer
62. Aesop 143. The Farmer and the Wheat
63. Aesop 145. Prometheus and the Satyr
64. Aesop 147. Hermes and the Traveler
65. Aesop 148. Hermes and the Woodcutter
66. Aesop 149. The Justice of the Gods
67. Aesop 150. Death's Warnings
68. Aesop 151. Death and the Old Man
69. Aesop 152. Death and Cupid
70. Aesop 154. The Father and his Quarrelsome Sons
71. Aesop 155. The Man's Loyal Dog
72. Aesop 156. The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
73. Aesop 159. The Milkmaid's Bucket of Milk
74. Aesop 163. The Foolish Farmers and the Rabbit
75. Aesop 164. The Farmer's Revenge
76. Aesop 165. The Farmer and the Frozen Snake
77. Aesop 167. The Shepherd and his Cloak
78. Aesop 173. The Shepherd and the Lion
79. Aesop 174. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
80. Aesop 176. The Three Travelers
81. Aesop 177. The Three Wise Men
82. Aesop 186. The Philosopher and the Pumpkin
83. Aesop 199. The Star-Gazing Astrologer
84. Aesop 200. The Man in the Tree
85. India 1. The Lion and the Rabbit
86. India 2. The Lion-King and the Camel
87. India 6. The Lion in the Jackal's Cave
88. India 7. The Blue Jackal
89. India 10. The Lion and the Ram
90. India 13. The Jackal and the Crow
91. India 15. The Jackal and the Otters
92. India 16. The Jackal and the Rams
93. India 18. The Jackals and the Elephant
94. India 19. The Elephant and the Sparrow
95. India 20. The Elephant-King and the Mice
96. India 21. The Elephants and the Rabbits
97. India 22. The Elephant and the Monkey
98. India 26. The Monkey and the Firefly
99. India 28. The Crocodile and the Monkey
100. India 32. The Partridge and the Rabbit
101. India 33. The Vulture and the Cat
102. India 34. The Hawks and the Crows
103. India 36. The Bharunda Bird
104. India 37. The Hawk and the Fish
105. India 38. The Crow and the Sunrise
106. India 39. The Animals Boasting
107. India 41. The Crabs and the Fox
108. India 42. The Crane and the Fish
109. India 43. Big-Wit, Half-Wit, and Witless
110. India 45. The Frog in the Well
111. India 50. Deer, Tiger, and Crocodile
112. India 51. The Rabbit and the Coconut
113. India 55. The Tiger and the Golden Bangle
114. India 58. The King and his Monkey
115. India 59. The Monkeys and the Gardener
116. India 63. The King of the Doves
117. India 64. The Gadfly and the Lion
118. India 65. Turtle, Deer, Mouse, and Crow
119. India 68. The Goose and the Crow
120. India 69. The Monkey and the Goat
121. India 71. The Turtle and the Peacock
122. India 72. The Turtle in the Lake
123. India 73. The Turtle and the Two Birds
124. India 74. The Donkey and the Jackal
125. India 76. The Donkey and the Watchdog
126. India 77. The Brave Mongoose
127. India 79. The Bandit's Ghost
128. India 87. The Fish and the Crane
129. India 88. The Parrot and the Mangos
130. India 89. The Woodpecker and the Lion
131. India 90. The Quail Chick
132. India 91. The Quail and the Hunter
133. India 92. The Birds by the Lake
134. India 93. The Birds in the Tree
135. India 96. The Swan with the Golden Feathers
136. India 98. The Monk and his Snake
137. India 99. The Buddha and the Mantra
138. India 102. The Pilgrim and the Snake
139. India 106. The Fish and the Flowers
140. India 118. The Traveler and the Tree
141. India 119. The Wisest of the Brahmins
142. India 120. The Brahmin and his Mouse-Daughter
143. India 121. The Brahmin and his Snake-Son
144. India 122. The Snake and the Brahmin's Wife
145. India 123. The Farmer and the Snake
146. India 129. Riding Shiva's Bull
147. India 138. Agni and Varuna
148. India 145. The Poor Man's Pot of Honey
149. India 146. The Hermit in the Forest
150. India 151. The Couple who Cooperated
151. India 177. Tenalirama and the Chessboard
152. India 178. Tenalirama and the Painter
153. India 179. Tenalirama and the Chinese Vases
154. India 190. Tenalirama and his Friend
155. India 191. Tenalirama's Magical Water
156. India 196. Birbal's Magical Sticks
157. India 199. Birbal Sees Both Good and Bad
158. Nasruddin 3. Nasruddin's Donkey Is Missing
159. Nasruddin 5. Nasruddin, His Son, and the Donkey
160. Nasruddin 9. Nasruddin's Flying Donkey
161. Nasruddin 10. Nasruddin Counts the Donkeys
162. Nasruddin 23. Nasruddin Takes Sides
163. Nasruddin 24. Good Goose, Bad Goose
164. Nasruddin 27. Nasruddin's Eggplant Necklace
165. Nasruddin 28. Nasruddin Visits a Town for the First Time
166. Nasruddin 30. Nasruddin Rescues the Moon
167. Nasruddin 33. The Wisdom of Camels
168. Nasruddin 42. Nasruddin the Optimist
169. Nasruddin 46. Nasruddin's Sense of Economy
170. Nasruddin 51. Nasruddin's Wife and the Stew
171. Nasruddin 60. The Burglar in the Well
172. Nasruddin 61. The Bread in the Pond
173. Nasruddin 66. The Thief with a Wagon
174. Nasruddin 68. Nasruddin and the Thief's Shoes
175. Nasruddin 70. Nasruddin and the Wind
176. Nasruddin 72. Nasruddin's Ladder
177. Nasruddin 73. Nasruddin and the Tailor
178. Nasruddin 77. The Cabbage and the Cooking-Pot
179. Nasruddin 83. Nasruddin Eating Eggs
180. Nasruddin 97. Big Pot, Little Pot
181. Nasruddin 105. Nasruddin and the Bears
182. Nasruddin 106. Nasruddin the Architect
183. Nasruddin 112. Nasruddin and the Baker
184. Nasruddin 113. The Angel with the Golden Coins
185. Nasruddin 120. Nasruddin's Donkey for Sale
186. Nasruddin 121. Nasruddin at the Bathhouse
187. Nasruddin 129. Nasruddin and the Recipe
188. Nasruddin 134. Where's the Halvah?
189. Nasruddin 137. Nasruddin's Lunch
190. Nasruddin 139. Walnuts and Watermelons
191. Nasruddin 142. Nasruddin Needs New Clothes
192. Nasruddin 145. Big Mosque, Little Mosque
193. Nasruddin 161. Nasruddin's Lullaby
194. Nasruddin 162. The Turban of a Scholar
195. Nasruddin 163. The Eagle Jaliz
196. Nasruddin 164. What Is Bread?
197. Nasruddin 165. Nasruddin and the Butterfly
198. Nasruddin 167. Nasruddin's Grammar
199. Nasruddin 177. Nasruddin and the Roast Pheasant
200. Nasruddin 197. Nasruddin's Death


  1. I've used this book for high school literature all this school year (2020-2021). Thank you so much!

    1. Oh, I am really glad to hear this! I am working on a Latin Aesop right now for Latin teachers, and that means there will also be a new volume of Aesop in English coming along, plus the Brer Rabbit book I am working on right now. I will never run out of ideas for new books to keep writing... it is such a pleasure to do, and even more so if they can be useful to other teachers, students, readers, writers! :-)

  2. Good reference blog for studying and reading books