~ 9. Nasruddin's Flying Donkey ~

Nasruddin decided to teach his donkey how to fly.
"Look at the bird! Just do that!" Nasruddin would say. "It's going to be harder because you don't have wings, but I know you can do it."
Finally, the day had arrived. Nasruddin took his donkey up to a high cliff. "Fly, donkey, fly!" he said as he pushed his donkey off the cliff.
The donkey sailed through the air, but only briefly. He hit the ground and died.
Nasruddin blamed himself. "I got so excited about teaching him how to fly that I forgot to teach him how to land."

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja compiled by Alpay Kabacali.
Notes: This story is on p. 10 of the book. Kabacali just starts with the donkey falling off the cliff; I decided to make it about Nasruddin teaching the donkey to fly (which is also a version you can find in other Nasruddin books). In other versions, Nasruddin is not teaching his donkey to fly; instead, the donkey falls off the cliff and Nasruddin exclaims, "Oh, my donkey knows how to fly!" and then when the donkey crashes to the ground, "But unfortunately he doesn't know how to land."

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