~ 72. Nasruddin's Ladder ~

Nasruddin was fond of fruit, and he was also fond of raiding his neighbor's orchards.
One night he had just lowered a ladder into someone's orchard in order to raid it, but the orchard's owner caught him in the act.
"What are you doing with that ladder?" the man shouted at him.
"Are you talking about this ladder?" asked Nasruddin. "Well, to tell the truth, I'm just trying to sell this ladder."
"You can't sell a ladder here!" the man replied.
"I beg to differ," said Nasruddin indignantly. "A ladder can be sold anywhere! Do you want to buy it?"

Inspired by: The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin by Ron Suresha
Notes: This is story 24 in the book. This story is one of many where Nasruddin is caught stealing something and makes excuses, like when he pretended to be a nightingale in the fruit tree: Nasruddin the Nightingale.

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