39. The Animals Boasting

"My great valor makes me king of the jungle," roared the lion.
"But I am the most cunning of all," countered the fox.
"Just look at my feathers!" shrieked the peacock.
"Feathers are nothing compared to tusks!" trumpeted the elephant.
Meanwhile, a little toad croaked her own opinion:
"Lion, as king of the animals, you're a coveted trophy for hunters! Your fur, Fox, will be made into a coat. Humans will kill you for your feathers, Peacock, and they will kill you for your tusks, Elephant!"
"So I say," the toad concluded, "it's better to be small rather than mighty."

Inspired by: Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju.
Notes: For a story about the harvesting of elephant tusks, see this Buddhist Jataka tale: Silavanaga Jataka.

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