190. Tenalirama and his Friend

"My house is too small!" complained Tenalirama's friend.
"I can help you," Tenalirama promised. "But you must do exactly what I tell you."
"Agreed!" said his friend.
Tenalirama then told him to bring the cow, the pig, the goat, and all the chickens into the house, and to come back in a week.
A week later, his friend returned. "That made things worse, not better!" he moaned.
"Of course it did," said Tenalirama. "Now, put all the animals back out where they belong."
The friend came back smiling.
"Thank you, Tenalirama!" he said. "My house is so much bigger now!"

Inspired byFix Your Problems the Tenali Raman Way by Vishal Goyal
Notes: This story is on p. 40 of the book. This same story is told about Nasruddin. In that story, Nasruddin has his friend put the animals back out one by one.

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