~ 10. Nasruddin Counts the Donkeys ~

Nasruddin was taking the village's donkeys, laden with grain, to the mill. There was Nasruddin's donkey, plus nine more.
Halfway there, Nasruddin counted. Only nine!
Worried, he got down and went looking for the lost donkey.
When he came back, he counted again: ten donkeys.
"Praise God!" he said. "The missing donkey returned."
Nasruddin got back on his donkey and continued the journey.
Later, he counted again. Only nine!
He dismounted, went looking, came back, and counted. Ten donkeys!
"Well, I better walk. When I'm riding, that wayward donkey escapes."
Nasruddin was just forgetting to count the donkey underneath him!

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja compiled by Alpay Kabacali.
Notes: This story is on p. 35 of the book.

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