21. The Elephants and the Rabbits

There was a drought.
The elephant-herd searched for water and found a beautiful lake. When the elephants rushed to drink, they crushed many rabbits underfoot.
A brave rabbit spoke to the elephant-king as he drank. "I am the Moon's envoy!" proclaimed the rabbit. "The Moon says: you trampled my beloved rabbits."
"I'll ask forgiveness!" said the elephant-king, and he kneeled in the water.
The moon's reflection in the water shook violently.
"The Moon is even more angry!" said the rabbit. "Go away and never come back!"
The elephant-king, fearing the Moon's heavenly powers, departed, and the elephant-herd departed with him.

Inspired byThe Panchatantra, translated by Arthur Ryder.
Notes: It is in Book 3, Story 3.

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