~ 132. Zeus and the Camel ~

The camel was jealous of the bull. "Just look at those horns of his, while I have only these long, floppy ears. I'm defenseless against all the other animals. I must have horns!"
So the camel prayed to Zeus. "I implore you, O King of the Gods! Please give me horns!"
But Zeus just laughed at the camel's request. "You would look ridiculous with horns," he said. "Not only do I refuse your request, I'm also going to shorten your long ears. Be content with what you have!"
The moral: Many who seek to have more end up with less.

Inspired byMille Fabulae et Una, a collection of Latin fables that I've edited, free to read online. I am not translating the Latin here; instead, I am just telling a 100-word version of the fable.
Notes: This is fable 143 in the book, which is Perry 117. This illustration by Barlow shows various horned animals that the camel envied, even a unicorn:

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