22. The Elephant and the Monkey

An elephant and a monkey were boasting.
"I'm mighty!" said the elephant.
"I'm nimble!" said the monkey.
"But which of us is better?" asked the elephant.
"Let the owl judge!" said the monkey.
"I propose a test," said the owl. "Bring me mangos from across the river."
So they ran to the river, but the monkey couldn't cross.
"I'll carry you!" said the elephant.
They got to the mango tree, but the elephant couldn't reach the mangos.
"I'll fetch them!" said the monkey.
They brought the mangos to the owl who said, "Now you see: you two are better together!"

Inspired by: Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju.
Notes: Not all judges are so helpful! Compare the story of the otters: The Otters and the Jackal. For another story of cooperation, see: The Couple Who Cooperated.

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