~ 38. The Fox and the Boar ~

A fox was strolling through the woods and saw a boar rubbing his tusks against a tree, back and forth, back and forth.
As always, the fox was curious. "What are you doing that for?" she asked the boar.
"I'm readying my weapons!" the boar replied. "The sharper my tusks, the more ready I'll be to fight."
The fox looked around. "But I don't see any enemies," she remarked.
"That's the idea exactly! I'm sharpening my tusks now," replied the boar, "because there will be no time to ready my weapons when the enemy arrives and the actual fighting begins."

Inspired by: Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists by Roger L'Estrange, 149.
Notes: This is Perry 224.

Here is an illustration by S. R. Praeger:

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