~ 68. Nasruddin and the Thief's Shoes ~

Nasruddin awoke when he heard a thief in his house. He crept downstairs and saw the thief had politely left his shoes by the door. Nasruddin grabbed the shoes, and then shouted, "Thief! Thief!"
The thief ran to the door and, when he saw his shoes were gone, he dashed barefoot into the street.
Nasruddin chased him, shouting, "Thief! Thief!"
People rushed out of their houses and easily caught the criminal.
"This is not fair!" the thief protested. "This is not right!"
Then he pointed at Nasruddin accusingly. "I took nothing from that man's house, but he stole my shoes!"

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja: The Turk Who Makes the World Laugh by Mehmet Ali Birant
Notes: This story is on p. 22 of the book.

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