118. The Traveler and the Tree

A traveler lay down to rest by a tree, not suspecting it was Kalpavriksha, the wish-fulfilling tree.
Because the man was tired, he thought how nice it would be to have a bed. A bed appeared!
Then he thought how nice it would be to have food. Done!
A woman to rub his feet. Done!
"This is wonderful!" he thought. "How silly of me to have worried about this journey. I almost didn't come because the tigers scared me."
Just as soon as he thought of the tigers, a tiger appeared, and it attacked the traveler and killed him.

Inspired byTales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna
Notes: This is story 16 in the book. You can read more about the Kalpavriksha tree (Kalpataru) at Wikipedia.

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