~ 27. Nasruddin's Eggplant Necklace ~

Nasruddin was traveling with a large caravan full of strangers. To make it easy for everyone to recognize him, he wore a string of eggplants around his neck. Everyone started calling him "Mr. Eggplant," but at least they all knew at a glance who he was.
One night the person sleeping on the ground next to Nasruddin decided to play a joke. He took Nasruddin's eggplant necklace and put it around his own neck.
When Nasruddin woke up, he saw the eggplant necklace around the other man's neck.
"If that is me," he thought to himself, "then who am I?"

Inspired byClassic Tales of Mulla Nasreddin retold by Houman Farzad, and translated by Diane Wilcox
Notes: This story is on p. 40 of the book. In Farzad's version, Nasruddin wears a ring made out of a pumpkin, but I changed it to eggplants.

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