The Grammatical Scholar

Nasruddin was traveling by ship; a famous scholar was also on board.
Whatever Nasruddin said, the scholar mocked him. "Good sir, you don't know who from whom, nor do your subjects and your verbs agree. Clearly, you've never studied grammar. What a wasted life!"
The ship was then caught in a storm. "Abandon ship!" shouted the captain.
"Good sir," said Nasruddin, "did you ever study swimming?"
The scholar stared at the waves in terror.
"I suspected as much," said Nasruddin. "What a wasted life!"
Nasruddin then jumped into the water and swam safely to shore.
The scholar, however, did not.

Inspired by: This is Nasruddin Tale Type T0002.
Notes: This story also appears in Rumi's Mathnawi.

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