~ 106. Nasruddin the Architect ~

"Our house is so crowded," Nasruddin's neighbor complained. "We can't stand it anymore."
"I can help," Nasruddin said. "Will you obey my advice exactly?"
His neighbor nodded.
"Bring your goats, chickens, and donkey into the house."
A week later, the neighbor told Nasruddin, "That just made things worse!"
"I know," said Nasruddin. "But now, send the donkey outside."
"That's better," said the neighbor a week later.
"Now send the chickens back out."
"That's much better," the neighbor said next time.
"Now the goats."
Nasruddin's neighbor came back smiling. "Thank you, Nasruddin!" he said. "Our house is so much bigger now!"

Inspired by The Wit and Wisdom of Nasraddin Hodja by Nejat Muallimoglu
Notes: This story is on p. 52 of the book.

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