~ 137. Nasruddin's Lunch ~

Nasruddin was working as a laborer, and each day he ate lunch in the company of his fellow workers.
"Nothing but bread and cheese," Nasruddin would say each day as he looked longingly at the food the other men had for their lunch. He saw dolmas, kebabs, tabbouleh, yogurt, pilaf, all kinds of food.
"You complain like this every day," one of the men said to Nasruddin. "You should tell your wife to make you something different for lunch."
"I'm not married," said Nasruddin.
"Who makes your lunch then?"
"I do," Nasruddin admitted, staring sadly at his bread and cheese.

Inspired bySacred Laughter of the Sufis by Imam Jamal Rahman
Notes: This story is on p. 6 of the book. Dolmas are stuffed grape leaves. The word "yogurt" itself is a Turkish word borrowed into English.

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