~ 164. The Farmer's Revenge ~

There was a wicked farmer who was jealous of his neighbor's crops.
"He has all the good luck, and I have nothing but bad luck," the farmer thought to himself. "But I'll find a way to get my revenge!"
The farmer then captured a fox and tied a burning torch to the fox's tail. Then he let the fox loose in his neighbor's field.
The fox, however, ran right back into the farmer's own field, setting it on fire and burning his crops to the ground.
As a result, the farmer ended up even worse off than he was before.

Inspired byMille Fabulae et Una, a collection of Latin fables that I've edited, free to read online. I am not translating the Latin here; instead, I am just telling a 100-word version of the fable.
Notes: This is fable 831 in the book, which is Perry 283.

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