Audiobook: Tiny Tales from Aesop

You will find links to the texts of the individual stories below, and you can access the playlist at SoundCloud here: Tiny Tales from Aesop playlist.

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1. The Lion's Share
2. The Angry Lion
3. The Lion and the Rabbit
4. The Lion and the Bulls
5. The Lion and the Mouse
6. The Lion's Army
7. The Lion Cub and Man
8. The Lion in Love
9. The Lion and the Man Debating
10. The Lion and the Boar
11. The Old Lion and the Horse
12. The Lion and the Unicorn
13. The Old Lion's Last Breath
14. The Lion and the Donkey Go Hunting
15. Wild Donkey, Tame Donkey
16. The Wild Donkey
17. The Donkey and the Horse's Barley
18. The Cruel Horse and the Donkey
19. The Horse and the Donkey's Load
20. Death and the Donkey
21. The Donkey in Winter
22. The Two Donkeys
23. The Donkey and the Icon
24. The Fox and the Leopard
25. The Fox and the Dragon
26. The Farmer and the Dragon
27. The Fox in the Hut
28. The Fox Meets the Lion
29. The Lion and the Bear
30. The Fox Visits the Lion
31. The Fox in the Lion-King's Palace
32. The Fox and the Wolf, Courtiers
33. The Fox and the Ape
34. The Fox with a Short Tail
35. The Fox and the Old Women
36. The Fox and the Grapes
37. The Fox and the Moon
38. The Fox and the Boar
39. The Fox and the Rooster
40. The Fox Seeks an Eye Doctor
41. The Fox and the Stork
42. The Fox and the Mule
43. The Wolf and the Fox in the Well
44. The Fox and the Wolf in the Pit
45. The Fox Teaches the Wolf to Fish
46. The Fox and the Wolf and the Well-Buckets
47. The Fox and the Wolf in the Shed
48. The Wolf Becomes a Monk
49. The Wolf and the Porcupine
50. The Wolf and the Crane
51. The Wolf and the Goat on a Rock
52. The Wolf and the Goats in a Tub
53. The Wolf and the Cow
54. The Wolf and the Lamb at the Stream
55. The Wolf and the Lamb in the Temple
56. The Friendly Wolf
57. The Wolves and their Allies
58. The Treacherous Sheepdog
59. The Lamb and the Nanny-Goat
60. The Dogs and the River
61. The Dog without a House
62. The Hunting Dog and the Rabbit
63. The Rabbit and the Wolf
64. The War of the Rabbits and the Eagles
65. The Rabbit and the Sparrow
66. The Rabbit and the Weasel
67. The Rabbit's Resolution
68. The Funeral of the Lion-Queen
69. The Deer in the Cave
70. The Deer in the Stable
71. The Deer and his Reflection
72. The Deer and the Vine
73. The Deer and her Friends
74. The Monkey's Twin Children
75. The Monkey and the Fishermen
76. The King's Dancing Monkeys
77. The Monkey and the Camel
78. The Kingdom of the Monkeys
79. The Cat and the Rooster
80. The Cat and the Chickens
81. The Cat and her Neighbors
82. The Cat and the Stork
83. The Cat and the Sparrows
84. Cat and Fox, Philosophers
85. Brother Cat and Brother Rat
86. The Miller's Cat and the Mice
87. The Mouse and the Cat on the Shelf
88. The Cat and the Mouse in the Beer
89. The War of the Cats and the Mice
90. Belling the Cat
91. The Mouse and the Cat in the Flour
92. Country Mouse and City Mouse
93. The Mouse in the Soup
94. The Mouse in the Chest
95. The Mouse and the Bull
96. The Mouse Observes the World
97. The Hawk and the Mouse
98. The Hawk and the Nightingale
99. The Hawk and the Nightingale's Chicks
100. The War of the Hawks
101. The Two Doves
102. The Stork and the Crow
103. The Chicken and the Crow
104. The Noisy Crow
105. The Crow and the Fox
106. The Fox who Played Dead
107. The Eagle and the Crow
108. The Eagle and the Peacock
109. The Crow's Warning
110. The Ambitious Crow
111. The Crane and the Eagle
112. The Crane Goes Fishing
113. The Halcyon and her Nest
114. The Swallow and the Nightingale
115. The Nightingale's Advice
116. The Nightingale and the Glow-Worm
117. The Beetle and the Eagle
118. The Bees Go to Court
119. The Bear and the Bees
120. The Fly and the Mule
121. The Gnat and the Bull
122. The Frogs and the Bulls
123. The Frogs and the Sun
124. The Mouse and the Frog
125. The Cunning Stork
126. The Boys and the Frogs
127. The Porcupine and the Snake
128. The Dragon and the Eagle
129. Zeus and the Wedding Gifts
130. Zeus and the Dogs
131. The Prayer of the Fox and the Wolf
132. Zeus and the Camel
133. Zeus and the Rabbit
134. Aphrodite and the Cat
135. Zeus and the Donkey
136. Zeus and the Lost Calf
137. Zeus and the Two Sacks
138. Zeus and the Jar of Good Things
139. Athena and the Shipwreck
140. Hercules and the Farmer
141. Fortuna and the Boy
142. Fortuna and the Farmer
143. The Farmer and the Wheat
144. The Farmer and his Weather Wishes
145. Prometheus and the Satyr
146. The Satyr and the Traveler
147. Hermes and the Traveler
148. Hermes and the Woodcutter
149. The Justice of the Gods
150. Death's Warnings
151. Death and the Old Man
152. Death and Cupid
153. The Father and his Lazy Sons
154. The Father and his Quarrelsome Sons
155. The Man's Loyal Dog
156. The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
157. The Woman and her Cat
158. The Woman and her Hen
159. The Milkmaid's Bucket of Milk
160. The Farmer and the Lion
161. The Farmer and the Apple Trees
162. Bushes and Hedges
163. The Foolish Farmers and the Rabbit
164. The Farmer's Revenge
165. The Farmer and the Frozen Snake
166. The Widow and her Sheep
167. The Shepherd and his Cloak
168. The Shepherd and the Ram
169. The Shepherd's Big Sheepdog
170. The Shepherd and the Wolf Cubs
171. The Wolf Who Herded Sheep
172. The Shepherd and the Friendly Wolf
173. The Shepherd and the Lion
174. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
175. The Shepherd and the Rabbit
176. The Three Travelers
177. The Three Wise Men
178. The Two Friends and the Bear
179. The Two Travelers and the Ax
180. The Two Men and the Donkey
181. The Two Men and the Oyster
182. The Merchant and the Copper
183. The Man and his Mistresses
184. Three Generations
185. Father and Son and Donkey
186. The Philosopher and the Pumpkin
187. The Monks and their Abbots
188. The Abbot and the Bones
189. The Hermit and his Disciple
190. The Priest and the Weeping Woman
191. Hiring a Donkey
192. Seeing a Camel
193. The Sailor and the Merchant
194. The Introverted Philosopher
195. The Miser and his Gold
196. The Boy and the Thief
197. The Boy and his Teacher
198. The Trumpeter Captured
199. The Star-Gazing Astrologer
200. The Man in the Tree

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