~ 85. Brother Cat and Brother Rat ~

The abbey cat had caught and killed all the mice except for one last rat.
To catch that last rat, the cat had to be sneaky, so he shaved his head like a monk and put on a monk's robe.
The rat rejoiced, supposing he was now safe. "Peace upon you, brother," said the rat to the cat, and the cat lowered his eyes piously.
Then, when the rat came closer, the cat grabbed him.
"Stop it!" squealed the rat. "Aren't you a monk now?"
"Only when I feel like it," replied the cat, and then he ate the rat.

Inspired byMille Fabulae et Una, a collection of Latin fables that I've edited, free to read online. I am not translating the Latin here; instead, I am just telling a 100-word version of the fable.
Notes: This is fable 390 in the book, which is Perry 592.

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