~ 118. The Bees Go to Court ~

The hard-working bees filled their honeycomb with honey, but then the hornets came and claimed the honey and the comb belonged to them.
The bees resolved to take the case to court. "This is our honey," buzzed the bees.
"The honey is ours!" droned the hornets.
"I'm not sure who to believe," said the judge, "so I order you both, bees and hornets, to fill another comb with honey. Then I will decide the case."
The hornets were indignant. "We will do no such thing!" they said, and then they flew away in shame.
Thus the bees reclaimed their honey.

Inspired by: Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists by Roger L'Estrange, 474.
Notes: This is Perry 504. In some versions, the judge is the wasp.

Here is an illustration by Billinghurst:

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