~ 181. The Two Men and the Oyster ~

Two friends walking on the beach found an oyster.
"It's mine!" shouted the one.
"It's mine!" shouted the other.
Along came a third man.
"May I assist you?" he inquired, and they asked him to judge their case.
The man pulled out a knife, opened the oyster, and gulped down the delicacy inside.
He then held up the two half-shells.
"This is for you." He gave half of the shell to one man.
"And this is for you," he said to the other man, bestowing the other half.
"And good day to you both!" he added, continuing on his way.

Inspired by: Fables of Aesop and Other Eminent Mythologists by Roger L'Estrange, 411.
Notes: This fable is not part of the classical Aesop tradition; find out more here.

Here is an illustration by Billinghurst:

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