37. The Baboon, the Python, and the Rabbit

Baboon was turning over rocks looking for beetles and worms to eat when he heard a voice. "Help! Help!"
It was Python, trapped under a big rock.
Baboon lifted the rock and Python slithered out. Then he grabbed Baboon and squeezed.
"I'm hungry!" said Python.
"That's not fair!" screamed Baboon. "Help!"
Rabbit came running. "How can I help?"
Python and Baboon both began shouting. 
"I can't understand all this shouting," said Rabbit. "Show me what happened."
So Python crawled back under the rock.
Then Rabbit said, "Be wise, Baboon: this time when he asks for help, leave him there!"
[a Tswana story from southern Africa] 

Inspired by: "The Baboon, The Snake, and the Hare" in Among the Bantu Nomads by J. Tom Brown, 1925.
Notes: You can read the original story online.

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