52. The Rabbit, the Guinea-Fowl and the Farm

Guinea-Fowl had cleared a farm in the jungle.
Rabbit stumbled across the farm. "There's no road here," Rabbit exclaimed. "I'll make this my farm!" So Rabbit cleared a road to the farm with his hoe and began farming.
Guinea-Fowl came back and found Rabbit working there.
"This is my farm!" she shouted.
"Impossible," said Rabbit. "This is my road to my farm. Where is your road?"
"The sky is my road," replied Guinea-Fowl.
"Liar! The sky is no road, and if you don't leave me alone, I'll take you to court."
Guinea-Fowl was scared and abandoned her farm to Rabbit.
[an Angas story from Nigeria]

Inspired by: "The Guinea-Fowl and the Hare" in Angass manual, grammar and vocabulary by H. D. Foulkes, 1915.
Notes: You can read the original story online, and the Angas text is also available. For more about the Angas people of Nigeria, see Wikipedia.

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