Tying Hyena

The wise man gave Spider the charm and then rode away on Hyena.
Spider shouted, "Tie her with a chain! Not a leather cord!"
But the wise man couldn't hear him. "What did he say?" he asked Hyena.
"Tie me with a leather cord," replied Hyena, "not a chain."
When the man got to the city, he tied Hyena with a leather cord. In the night, Hyena ate the cord, and then she ate all the man's chickens and goats.
Hyena was very angry at Spider for the way he had tricked her, but the magic charm kept Spider safe.

Inspired byFifty Hausa Folktales by A. J. N. Tremearne.
Notes: This is a continuation of The Wise Man, Hyena, and Spider and Riding Hyena.

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