Riding Hyena

Spider took the saddle and went to Hyena's den. "Hey, Hyena!" Spider shouted. "Do you want to come with me to a feast?"
"Of course I do!" said Hyena.
Hyena was running fast, but Spider walked slowly. "Hurry!" said Hyena.
"I can't hurry," said Spider. "I just bought this saddle, and it's heavy to carry."
"I'll carry the saddle," said Hyena.
"Good idea!" said Spider. He put the saddle on Hyena, and then jumped up and spurred her. "Run, Hyena, run!"
Spider rode Hyena back to where the wise man was waiting.
"Here's your new horse!' Spider told him, laughing.

Inspired byFifty Hausa Folktales by A. J. N. Tremearne.
Notes: This is a continuation of The Wise Man, Hyena, and Spider, and you can see what happens next in Tying Hyena.

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