47. The Rabbit Fools the Elephant (1)

Rabbit and Elephant were best friends. 
One day they heard music.
"The people are having a party," said Rabbit. "Let's go."
Elephant agreed, and they went to the people's party.
"Let's dance!" said Rabbit.
Elephant agreed, and they danced.
The people applauded Rabbit. "You're a good dancer!"
But they laughed at Elephant.
"It's because you are too big to dance," said Rabbit. "I'll cut off some of your fat."
"Okay," agreed Elephant, "but you must give it back later."
Rabbit cut off Elephant's fat.
Then while Elephant was dancing, Rabbit ran off.
Elephant and Rabbit were not friends after that. 
[a Swahili story from Zanzibar]

Inspired by: Kiungani, or, Story and History From Central Africa, edited by A. C. Madan
Notes: This story is "The Rabbit and the Elephant," which you can read online at Internet Archive. You can see what happens next here: Rabbit and Buffalo.