Rusticus et Asellus Aratrum Portans

Rusticus in agro laborat, arans.
Labore fatigatus est, et boves quoque fessi sunt.
Rusticus aratrum tollit, boves liberans. 
Bobus dicit, "Domum ite!"
Boves liberati ad domum festinant.
Tunc rusticus aratrum super asellum alligat, dicens, "Domum eamus, aselle bone!" Deinde rusticus asellum ascendit.
Asellus domum ire vult, sed onere gravatus est, et rusticum et aratrum portans. Sub pondere deficiens, asellus gemit.
Rusticus dicit, "Aselle bone, nimio onere gravatus es, et ire non potes. Ego te adiuvo!"
Tum rusticus descendit, et aratrum tollit, super humerum ponens.
Rursus asellum ascendit, et dicit, "Nunc recte ambulare potes! Non enim tu aratrum fers, sed ego!"

Inspired by: Mille Fabulae et Una.
Notes: This story is Fable 826. Rusticus Aratrum Portans, from Poggio Bracciolini (not in Perry). I have simplified the story, making it easier to read. For an English version (not a translation), see: The Fool Carries the Plow. This story is also told about Nasruddin: Nasruddin Shares the Donkey's Load.

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