Anansi and Monkey Take Turns

Anansi wanted to take Monkey to his house so he could cook him and eat him.
"Jump on my back, Monkey!" said Anansi. "I'll give you a ride."
"We'll take turns!" said Monkey. "You ride on my back first!" 
Monkey wanted to take Anansi to his house to cook him and eat him.
Reluctantly, Anansi got on Monkey's back, and then he said, "Now you get on my back!" 
"No!" Monkey laughed. "I'm going to eat you."
"Hunter!" Anansi yelled. "Come catch this nice, fat Monkey!"
Terrified, Monkey dropped Anansi and climbed a tree.
"Fooled you!" Anansi ran away, laughing.

Inspired by: Wona's story "Put You Down a Me Wife Pot" as reported in The Caribbean Story Finder by Sharon Barcan Elswit.
Notes: This story is 328 in Elswit's index, from Wona's book, A Selection of Anancy Stories. Sadly, the English book is not available online, but a German translation is available at Hathi. In the first part of the story, Anansi successfully tricks Sheep and other animals before trying the trick on Monkey.

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