~ 106. Abu Said and the Wine-Merchant ~

Abu Said preached God's Love and the Path of the Heart, but some of his followers wanted to punish wrongdoers instead.
"We should destroy the wine-merchant's shop!" they shouted. "It's a haven for gamblers."
"The wine-merchant in his earthly vanity has no time for God," said Abu Said, "but I am surprised that you have time for the wine-merchant. Busy yourself with God's love, nothing else."
Abu Said then went to the wine-merchant and apologized for his followers. "God's blessings upon you, my neighbor," he said.
Treated with loving kindness, the wine-merchant sold his shop and joined Abu Said's disciples.

Inspired byUnder the Sufi's Cloak: Stories of Abu Said and His Mystical Teaching by Mohammad Ali Jamnia and Mojdeh Bayat
Notes: This story is on p. 57 of the book. You can find out more about Abu Said at Wikipedia.

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