~ 91. Nasruddin and the Village Boys ~

Nasruddin met some boys from the village and decided to play a trick on them.
"Hey!" he shouted. "Did you know it's the mayor's birthday? There's a party with music and dancing and all the food you can eat. You better hurry and run to the mayor's house as fast as you can!"
"Thank you, Nasruddin!" shouted the boys, and they immediately dashed off towards the mayor's house.
Then Nasruddin thought to himself, "You know, it really might be the mayor's birthday after all..." and he began to run after the boys.
"Wait for me!" he shouted. "I'm coming too!"

Inspired by The Wit and Wisdom of Nasraddin Hodja by Nejat Muallimoglu
Notes: This story is on p. 117 of the book. Compare another story about Nasruddin the optimist: Nasruddin and the Yogurt.

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