~ 92. Nasruddin and the Grapes ~

Nasruddin was on his way home carrying a basket full of bunches of grapes when he ran into some children along the way.
"Give us some grapes, Nasruddin!" shouted the children. "Please, Nasruddin, share your grapes with us!"
Nasruddin really didn't want to share his grapes with the children, but the children insisted.
Reluctantly, he took some grapes from the basket and cut each grape in half. He then gave each child half a grape.
"Give us more!" the children complained.
"All the grapes in this basket taste the same," Nasruddin explained. "Half of a grape is all you need."

Inspired by: 202 Jokes of Nasreddin Hodja by Her Hakki Mahfuzdur
Notes: This is story 70 in the book. Compare the story of how Nasruddin shares the walnuts with the children: Dividing in God's Way.

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