~ 90. Naked Nasruddin ~

One morning Nasruddin arrived at school not wearing any clothes. He was completely naked! All the other schoolboys laughed at him, but the teacher was not amused. In fact, he was very angry.
"Nasruddin, explain yourself!" said the teacher sternly. "What on earth are you doing here without any clothes on?"
"Just let me explain," Nasruddin replied, smiling brightly at the teacher. "I woke up late, so I was in a big hurry and I ran just as fast as I could. I simply didn't have time to get dressed if I wanted to get here to school on time."

Inspired by: The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin by Ron Suresha
Notes: This is story 2 in the book. Different versions of the story have Nasruddin being late to different events, but I liked the idea of a young Nasruddin running late to school. In The Wit and Wisdom of Nasraddin Hodja by Nejat Muallimoglu, the story is about Nasruddin hearing that an oxcart is on its way to his hometown, so he jumps out of bed half-naked and runs to get on the cart; "I'm so fond of you all that in my hurry to get here, I forgot to put on my clothes," he says.

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