168. Tenalirama and the Gold Coins

Tenalirama was still new to the court, and he was surprised when King Krishnadevaraya unexpectedly gave him a gift of gold coins. Where to put the coins? He tried stuffing them into his pockets, but the fabric ripped and the coins spilled onto the floor.
As Tenalirama rushed to pick them up, the king's other courtiers all laughed.
"Don't be so miserly!" said the king. "That's undignified for a courtier."
"O Your Majesty, your likeness is on every coin, and you should not be lying on the dusty floor or trampled underfoot," Tenalirama explained. "That's undignified for a king."

Inspired byFix Your Problems the Tenali Raman Way by Vishal Goyal
Notes: This story is on p. 105 of the book.

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