Tenalirama's Pockets Full of Coins

The first time the king lavished a reward of golden coins on Tenalirama, his newest courtier, he stuffed the coins into his pockets.
The weight of the coins then tore his pockets open and the coins all spilled, rolling here and there across the floor.
As Tenalirama rushed to pick them up, the king's other courtiers all laughed.
"Don't be so miserly!" said the king. "It's undignified for a courtier."
"O Your Majesty," protested Tenalirama, "your likeness is on every coin. You should not be lying on the dusty floor or trampled underfoot. That would be undignified for a king."

Inspired byFix Your Problems the Tenali Raman Way by Vishal Goyal
Notes: This story is on p. 105 of the book.

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