Tenalirama's First Visit to the Palace

The king invited everyone to a royal feast in the palace. Young Tenalirama pushed his way to the front of the crowd to listen to the king's guru.
"What you see is only what you think you see," intoned the guru. "All difference is a thought-illusion, Maya. Seeing, hearing, tasting is all in your mind."
Tenalirama laughed loudly.
"Why are you laughing, boy?" asked the king.
"I was just thinking that I'll gladly eat the guru's portion at the feast. I will taste the food while he thinks about it."
The king was delighted and made Tenalirama his royal jester.

Inspired byThe Wit of Tenali Raman by Devika Rangachari
Notes: This story is on p. 11 of the book.

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