~ 138. Nasruddin Divides the Walnuts ~

"Help us!" the boys said to Nasruddin. "We have this bag of walnuts but we don't know how to divide them."
"Do you want to divide them God's way, or the human way?"
"God's way!" shouted the boys.
So Nasruddin gave two handfuls to one boy, a handful to another, a few walnuts to the third, and none to the fourth.
The boys looked at him in confusion.
"All things come from God, not just walnuts," Nasruddin explained. "Life itself is a gift from God! As for walnuts: he gives more to some, less to others, and some get none."

Inspired byNasreddin Hodja compiled by Alpay Kabacali.
Notes: This story is on p. 3 of the book.

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